Nan-Hui Jo is a loving single mother, undocumented Korean, and survivor of domestic violence. In July 2014, she was arrested and charged with “child abduction” for fleeing the country in order to protect herself and her daughter from an abusive relationship. Upon her arrest, her former partner was given full custody of her daughter in spite of previous domestic violence. Nan-Hui has gone eight months without any contact with her daughter, and has not been allowed bail. She was found guilty in her second trial, and is awaiting her sentencing on April 28th. Nan-Hui now faces felony charges, indefinite detention (in jail or in an immigration detention center) and/or deportation  which could result in permanent separation from her daughter.

Nan-Hui Jo has been criminalized because she is an undocumented woman of color, a survivor of domestic violence and the fierce protector of her daughter.

We stand with Nan-Hui in her fight for freedom and reunification with her daughter, Vitz Da/ 다빛 (meaning “light of all” in Korean). Join us in our campaign and #StandWithNanHui!

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