6/10 National Day of Action: Organizational Supporters

6 thoughts on “6/10 National Day of Action: Organizational Supporters

  1. I am a volunteer Advocate and Program Organizer for the Senior Citizens non profit organization called the TAMM (Toe Afua Mai Matua/ Restoration through Our Senior Citizens Group). I am a former Advocate/Community Outreach Coordinator for the American Samoa against Domestic and Sexual Violence. I believe in commemorating and continue to support this yearly event because I am a mother and grandmother and I know how it feels to be separated from your loved ones. Even though we are a small island in the Pacific and one of Territories of the United States but we are supporting all this types of events and programs in STOPPING the violence against WOMEN and CHILDREN.

    Ana Atoa

  2. Please take this email as a sign of My Sister’s House support.
    Please don’t make us sign up for everything along the way — we are supportive and forget to do all the sign ups.
    Thanks for understanding.
    ps. I looked at the national day of support and said where is our name?

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