Nan-Hui is Free! 난희씨 석방되다 #StandWithNanHui

BREAKING: Nan-Hui released from immigration detention!

On July 17 2015, Nan-Hui was RELEASED from detention on bond! 
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Nan-Hui is Free! 난희씨 석방되다 #StandWithNanHui

Call ICE & CBP Now!

Call ICE & CBP to demand the release of Nan-Hui Jo from detention! Nan-Hui has multiple immigration applications pending and should not be detained or deported. 

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Source: Sac Bee Nan-Hui Jo (조난희) is a loving single mother, undocumented Korean, and survivor of domestic violence. After fleeing to Korea with her child to escape her abusive partner, she has been charged with “child abduction.” Nan-Hui was in jail for over nine months without bail. Upon her arrest, her six-year-old daughter was given custody to the child’s father.

Following her conviction for “child abduction,” Nan-Hui Jo was sentenced to a misdemeanor, 3 years summary probation, and 175 days in county jail (time served). She was released, but immediately taken into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. Nan-Hui was held in immigration detention for over 3 months before being released on bond on July 17 2015, almost a whole year after her arrest. She still faces deportation, which could result in permanent separation from her daughter.

Nan-Hui Jo has been criminalized because she is an immigrant, a survivor of domestic violence and the fierce protector of her daughter.

We stand with Nan-Hui in her fight for freedom and reunification with her child. Join us to #StandWithNanHui!

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